how much do NFL practice squad players make

How many players make up the practice squad for the NFL

How many players make up the practice squad for the NFL!


Teams were permitted to maintain 16 players on their practice squad during the COVID-19 epidemic to help with positive testing and exposures. In 2022, the number was planned to drop to 14, but it was ultimately left at 16.

NFL teams need the practice squad because it offers them access to more players in case any of the players on the 53-man roster get hurt or have other setbacks. Players who don’t make the final roster can be maintained on the practice squad, but if another team needs them, they are free to be plucked from that squad and added to their roster.

Due to this, players occasionally choose to keep a player on their 53-man roster who they ordinarily wouldn’t. Perhaps they have a young quarterback that they don’t want to take the chance of losing. Below, we’ll delve deeper into this.

Let’s explore some of the other elements now that we have a better understanding of the practice squad.

How much money do members of the NFL practice squad make each year?

For players with two or fewer NFL seasons under their belts, the minimum weekly salary is $11,500, or $207,000 for an 18-week term on the practice squad. A season is accumulated when a player receives full-time compensation for at least six regular-season contests.

Players with a minimum of $15,400 per week or $277,200 per year and a maximum of $19,900 per week or $358,200 per year are paid. For instance, a rookie on an active team will earn at least $705k this season.

The remuneration of members of team’s practice squad counts toward the salary cap and may exceed those minimum amounts.

The minimum wage for a player with his level of experience is paid when a member of the practice squad is promoted to the main roster. The pay of a rookie who was added to the active roster before a game increased as a result, going from $11,500 to roughly $39,000. A player with more than seven years of experience would make over $62K.

If a member of the practice squad is signed to the active roster of another club, they are entitled to three game checks.

Be prepared for players to be recruited to active rosters and promoted as teams try to stave off illnesses and injuries in 2022.

The NFL increased the size of practice squads to a limit of 16 players before the 2020 season in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and the rule persisted.

The maximum number was previously set to increase to 12 in 2020 and 14 in 2022 under the collective bargaining agreement that the league and the players association concluded on March 15, 2020.

The NFL realized right on that teams would likely need a lot more players to handle the steady stream of positive COVID-19 testing and exposures. The 16-player minimum was officially included to the CBA this past offseason after the league decided it was a good idea.

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NFL training squad pay

“Players who have two or fewer NFL seasons under their belt make at least $11,500 per week, or $207,000 for 18 weeks on the practice squad. When a player is on full-time pay status for at least six regular-season games, they have accrued a season. Players that have two or more seasons in their resume are paid a minimum of $15,400 per week and $277,200 annually. For reference, a rookie on an active team this season makes a minimum wage of $705,000.

NFL practice squad players are paid a minimum of $12,000 per week.

A player’s minimum pay is $16,100 per week and their maximum pay is $20,600 per week if they have completed at least two seasons.

A player with fewer than two seasons who spends all 18 weeks on the practice squad will be paid $216,000. That is almost 29% of the $750,000 rookie league minimum salary for the NFL.

A player with at least two seasons of experience who spends all 18 weeks on the practice squad will make between $289,800 and $370,800. The starting salary for the veteran league is $870,000.

Who is qualified to join the training squad?

The practice squad regulations saw significant growth in 2020. Not only were the squad sizes altered, but also the criteria for joining the practice squad were modified. The number of players on a team who have more than two seasons of free agency credit is currently limited to six. They are not required to carry six of these types of players, but they are permitted to do so, and players from any of the following groups may be included on their practice squad:

  • possess zero previous NFL accrued seasons (six or more games on the active roster constitute an accrued season);
  • own a preceding accrued season in which they played no more than eight games while on the active 46-man roster.
  • In essence, 10 of the 16 positions must go to rookies or second-year players, while the remaining six spots are unrestricted.

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